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How we use Nextjournal for documentation (09.09.2020)
Förderjahr 2018 / Project Call #13 / ProjektID: 3940 / Projekt: Pancakes

We've looked at many different platforms for writing documentation as well as for publishing content that includes code examples.

While Github works well for publishing results it is a bit cumbersome to work with when used for authoring and collaborative editing. Here projects like Google Docs are often used but Google Docs lacks decent support for syntax highlighting and doesn't make it easy when it comes to exporting in a way that works well with code related tooling (wikis, IDEs, …).

Nextjournal provides a simple ui for authoring of documents that can also include source code and allows for export as Markdown (compatible with Github).

Here is an example of how this looks like on Nextjournal:



(n.b.: Nextjournal currently doesn't support syntax highlighting specific to the Solidity programming language but it is similar enough to JavaScript that it worked better than expected)

We encourage you to give Nextjournal a try for documentation and authoring. It also is a great platform for literate programming in general.


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