Remote Mentoring - new project funded by Netidee
A new extension, Remote Mentoring, will help kids to learn coding (24.11.2017)
Förderjahr 2016 / Projekt Call #11 / ProjektID: 1685 / Projekt: Pocket Code

Make it easier to learn coding through the support of experienced mentors - that's the core idea behind the Remote Mentor project that will get funded by Netidee and realized in 2018.

Beginners will get the chance to get connected to experienced users of Pocket Code, who help them to learn coding and let their idea of their first app become true. Especially girls and other user-groups that currently are not that much into this topic shall benefit from this new approach and make their start in Computer Science easier.

To learn more about the Remote Mentor project stay tuned on the project page:

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