Prometheus at the Facebook Developer Circles Challenge
Support the developer community to easily create Facebook Messenger Chatbots (23.11.2017)
Förderjahr 2016 / Projekt Call #11 / ProjektID: 1983 / Projekt: Prometheus

Prometheus participated at the international Facebook Developer Circles Hackathon Challenge in the Open Source category. 

The goal of the challenge was to create a solution for developers that either improves their coding skills, makes them more productive coders, or fosters community with other developers using at least one Facebook technology.

With Prometheus we set out to build an open source library that provides easy-to-use functions, provide well defined documentation and application examples to start with development right away and to get first results fast. We want to lower the barriers to entry for the advanced developer community as well as provide well guided introductory documentation for programming newcomers.

In that regard we submitted Prometheus to help the community easily make use of the Facebook Messenger Platform API towards building Facebook Messenger Chatbots.

Live Facebook Messenger Chatbot Demo hosted on Heroku:

Prometheus Introduction & Demo Video:

Our submission:


Clojure Facebook Messenger Chatbots Hackathon Challenge API Helper

Allan Berger

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