Why Clojure?
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In software design one of the most profound decisions you can make is which languages you learn to express your thoughts in.

In software design one of the most profound decisions you can make is which languages you learn to express your thoughts in.

The very way in which a programming language is designed as well as the community it attracts results in a set of values & trade-offs that make up its ecosystem.

Without going too much into detail Clojure and its community is one of if not the most inspiring, progressive and yet pragmatic ecosystem in existence today.

Clojure found a way to long for the stars through radical simplicity and flexibility while at the same time embracing and wrapping stable infrastructure. By design and by culture.

A mesmerizing mix that I’ve never seen before nor thought possible.

You might have noticed a surge in Clojure usage in Vienna over the last few weeks and months. What I like about it is that when you zoom in you will find a handful of people like Dieter & Philipp being brave enough to pursue the answer to the question of “what if”.

We’re still at humble beginnings when it comes to Clojure in Vienna but it is thrilling to see how far we’ve already come within a few weeks. Just to name a few recent activities …

Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come. — Victor Hugo


  • The current winter batch of Lemmings I/O, an incubator focused on art & artificial intelligence created over 40 apps on Twitter and Facebook in Clojure by now
  • The scientific writing tool nextjournal was rewritten from the ground up using Clojure
  • Blossom adopted Clojure to design their upcoming product “Blossom AI”
  • Origami Cat builds Facebook Messenger apps using Clojure
  • Prometheus, a netidee project for designing intelligent services is implemented in Clojure

If you know of more projects that recently started to adopt Clojure please ping me.


Further Reading

Here are a few links to follow if you want to learn more about Clojure and its Lisp heritage.












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