Educational video about FPGAs published
more and more material becomes freely available (22.03.2020)
Förderjahr 2018 / Project Call #13 / ProjektID: 3084 / Projekt: Digitale Bausteine programmieren

Youtube videos are a great educational tool. The most recent video explains how to use the open source tools developed during the GroC project.

The great thing about a successful open source project is the help you get from the worldwide community.  GreatScott does have 1,2 Million subscribers at his Youtube channel and he recently published an educational video about FPGAs and the open source tools developed during the first CroG project.  110.000 views within two days can be considered a pretty good success and many hundred makers will try out the open source tools for FPGAs.

It has to be understood that the whole open source FPGA project did start with the first funding of CroG in 2015 by netidee.

The introduction video about FPGAs by Gred Scott explains what the difference is between a Microcontroller and an FPGAs and end with the implementation of a simple game.



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